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Support for manufacturing ultrasound-controlled drug carriers for non-invasive drug delivery to the brain

30%, Zurich, temporary
Focused Ultrasound (FUS) mediated micro-bubbles/nanoparticles destruction has been proposed as highly promising method for non-invasive targeted drug/gene delivery to various tissues. We are employing this technique to send neuromodulators to the brain in order to noninvasively manipulate the micro-circuits and subsequent cognitive behaviour in rodents. Delivering neuromodulator to the brain non-invasively and with high efficacy is very crucial for future clinical studies.

Job description

We are seeking the help of a student at bachelor's or master's level for manufacturing novel microbubble-liposome drug carriers for experiments. Intellectual contributions towards designing these drug-carriers are welcomed. The candidate may also be involved in other project areas of the lab such as histological evaluation of brain tissue and microscopic imaging.

The employment will be up to 15hrs per week (hourly rates) for at least 6 months with the option for up to 1 year. Working hours are flexible but depending on experimental demand and timing.

Your profile

  • Background in chemistry OR chemical engineering, is strongly preferred
  • Any experience with wet-laboratory skills is bonus
  • Meticulous and reliable working habit

Optional requirement
LTK-1 animal training course or a FELASA-accredited equivalent. It would also allow the student to learn basic in vivo rodent surgery skills for stereotaxic injections and/or conducting behavioral experiments. If the student is working with us for longer times (i.e. up to 1 year), we can also discuss for the student to take the LTK course.

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If interested, please send an email with your CV and/or a short description of your background to Aagam Shah ( and Paul Johnson ( and we can arrange a time to meet.

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